Specialist Scholarly Publications

I. Jinja ko bengi Text in kanbun (annotated)

door: W.J. Boot en M.M.E. Buijnsters
op: 14 januari 2016

Today, the results of the ‘Jinja kō bengi’ research project by W.J. Boot and M.M.E. Buijnsters have been made public on our website under the section “Specialist; Scholarly Publications”. All together, these results amount to seven pdf's which consist of an annotated rendering of the original text of Jinja kō bengi 神社考辨疑 (1686), and of an annotated transliteration in Japanese and translation in English of this Early Modern Buddhist-Confucian polemic. Jinja kō bengi by the Shingon priest Jakuhon 寂本 (1631-1701) should be considered as an early Buddhist reply to one of, if not the most influential Confucian criticisms of Buddhism in the early seventeenth century: Honchō jinja kō 本朝神社考 by Hayashi Razan 林羅山 (1583-1657). In addition to these documents, the authors have added an annotated translation of the preface of Razan’s Honchō jinja kō, a biographical portrait of both Jakuhon and Hayashi Razan, and, finally, an extensive bibliography of all sources used.

Dit artikel is ook beschikbaar als PDF.